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zOrigin Wireless Wearable Development Board


Developers, makers and hobbyists searching for an affordable low power wireless wearable development board with chip stacking technology may be interested in the zOrigin which is currently in the process of finalisation and will soon be launching via the Crowd Supply funding website.

The creators of the zOrigin explain a little more about its inspiration, features and design. “Stop hunting for the right chip and make your own: zOrigin is the first product built using the revolutionary zGlue chip-stacking technology to make a custom-tailored IC. Use zOrigin as is, or as a starting point for your own design. zOrign is a complete, production-ready, wearable reference design powered by zGlue’s unique programmable, active 2.5D integration technology — ZiP. zOrigin features a tiny Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module and fitness/health tracking sensors alongside LEDs, a vibration motor, and a battery. zOrigin is ultra small (11 mm x 27 mm), and can be quickly adapted to various designs, such as panic buttons, smart jewelry, shoe insoles, and fitness/health bands.”

If you are interested in learning more about the zOrigin development board and would like to receive notifications and an update when the wearable board becomes available to back, visit the official Cloud Supply campaign page where you can register your email address.

Source: Crowd Supply

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