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Top picks for the holidays


Top picks for the holidays

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Holiday music

Available only on Amazon Music in more than 40 countries, Katy Perry’s brand new Amazon Original single, “Cozy Little Christmas,” will get you in the mood for holiday festivities. Simply ask, “Alexa, play Katy Perry’s new holiday song” on the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android or on Alexa-enabled devices, or play on Amazon Music.

In addition to the new song, Check out some of Amazon Music’s most listened-to holiday albums from Christmas week last year.

Smokey Robinson album cover, with Smokey, in black and white, appearing to be singing. A red speech bubble is coming out of his mouth, and says "Smokey Robinson, Christmas Everyday." Behind him are red and green concentric circles, with snowflakes overlaid on the circles.


Christmas Everyday, an Amazon Original by Smokey RobinsonListen now

Michael Buble stands outside wearing a tuxedo, facing away, but seeming to be glancing over his shoulder. he holds a small, wrapped gift in red paper with black bow. Snow is falling in the image, and text saying "Michael Buble Christmas" is written over the top of the image.


Christmas, Michael BubléListen now

Mariah Carey wears a red dress with furry trim at the collar and cuff, and a thick, black belt. her outfit is reminscent of Santa's traditional Christmas look. She's kneeling on fresh snow, and looking to her left, at the camera. Behind her, in the distance are the hint of trees.


Merry Christmas, Mariah CareyListen now

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood face the camera, smiling, as they share an embrace. Garth wears a black cowboy hat and button down. Trisha wears her hair in loose curls and a burgundy long-sleeve top.

Garth and Trisha.jpg

Christmas Together, Garth Brooks & Trisha YearwoodListen now

Nat King Cole wears a suit, facing the camera with a smile. The background is a blue-gray and appears to fade from light to darker gray-purple. Snow falls around him, with snowflakes in front of him. Nat King Cole is scrawled across the top in gold, with "The Christmas Song" in red, below.


The Christmas Song, Nat King ColeListen now

Kelly Clarkson wears her blonde hair tied behind her head, a red high-collared shirt with red scarf around her shoulders. Silver earrings, eye liner, and red lipstick completes her look. She looks to her right.


Wrapped in Red, Kelly ClarksonListen now

Elvis Presley wears a white button down and burgundy neck kerchief with a gold clasp. Behind him, we see out-of-focus lighting against a red background.


The Classic Christmas Album, Elvis PresleyListen now

Frank Sinatra wears a suit and white button down, with a rimmed hat on his head, hair slicked, twinkle in his eye. His black gloved hand reaches up to tip his hat. He smiles toward the camera. The background is red, with large illustrated snowflakes falling around him.


A Jolly Christmas from Frank SinatraListen now

The members of Pentatonix sit on an oppulent ivory sofa with gold trim. A male in white button down with jacket and black pants sits next to a blonde woman leaning forward. She wears a white dress and flats. A man holds a gift, and wears white pants, black tee and white vest. A man in white tuxedo sits next to him and holds a gift. A man throws a gift up in the air. He wars a white tuxedo jacket with black and gold pocket square, white button down and tie and black pants.


A Pentatonix Christmas, PentatonixListen now

Holiday movies

Get ready to binge watch these free-for-Prime members holiday classics – everything from campy classics and new films to “It’s A Wonderful Life” is exclusively available on a subscription basis on Prime Video – marking the first time in the film’s 72-year history it is included in a subscription streaming service. Here’s your recommended list for hours of binge-watching, guilt free.

Christmas with the Kranks movie cover with Jamie Lee Curtis, Tim Allen, Dan Akroid and others.


Christmas with the KranksWatch now

Holiday videos available on Prime Video


It’s a Wonderful LifeWatch now

Artwork for "Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas is you" animated movie, showing a young girl in a santa hat and outfit, holding a puppy.

MC Christmas.jpg

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”Watch now

Cover art for "Unlikely Angel" features Dolly Parton, with her hands together as if to pray, while looking to the side and smiling at the camera. She wears her hair curly with bangs, a white robe and angel wings.

Unlikely Angel.jpg

Unlikely AngelWatch now

Cover art for "The Miracle on 34th Street" shows a man dressed like santa, next to a young child in a green beret, with a Christmas tree behind them.


The Miracle on 34th StreetWatch now

Linus, a character from the Peanuts cartoon, squeezes Snoopy, while standing outside. Snow falls lightly around them.

Charlie Brown.jpg

I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie BrownWatch now

Daddy's Home 2 cover art shows Mel Gibson standing with his arms crossed, standing behind Mark Wahlberg. Both are wearing black shirts. On the right, John Lithgow wears a red sweater and hugs Will Ferrell tightly. Ferrell is wearing a green sweater.

Daddys Home 2.jpg

Daddy’s Home 2Watch now

A man dressed in a white shirt, vest and neck bow writes in a ledger (scene seems from a century ago or more). Behind him are three individuals who look to be ghosts, a man with a large beard, an elderly man and a young woman. To his left is an elderly man wearing a robe and holding a candlestick.


The Man Who Invented ChristmasWatch now

Cover art for "Scrooge" in color - a man stands on a brick road lifts a boy up in the air, in front of an old street light. behind him, is a city. In the foreground, a candle that's burned most of the way down.


ScroogeWatch now

Cover art for "Christmas Cartoons" animated cartoon classics, with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer smiling as his nose glows, in front of a green-on-green striped background.


Christmas CartoonsWatch now

Holiday videos available on Prime Video

N. Rockwell.jpg

A Norman Rockwell Christmas StoryWatch now

Holiday videos available on Prime Video

Jack Frost.jpg

Jack FrostWatch now

Holiday books

We’ve rounded up favorites for kids, cooks, drama-lovers and even a holiday beach read. Check out the list.

Holiday book picks 2018


“Construction Site on Christmas Night” by Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG FordBuy now

A yellow crest showing two champagne glasses toasting, surrounded by evergreen boughs and a a pinecone, on a forest green zoomed-in envelope. The title is written in white, with the author's name in yellow.


“Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners” by Gretchen AnthonyBuy now

A holiday cook book with a celebration bread in parchment paper wrap, in front of other bakery treats.


“Holiday and Celebration Bread in Five Minutes a Day – Sweet and Decadent Baking for Every Occasion,” by Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg, M.D.Buy now

Meet the Latkes holiday book shows a house under a light dusting of snow. In each of the four windows is a latke with a face and smile. The two in the second floor windows hold a menorah and a dreidel. In front of the house is a dog latke.


“Meet the Latkes,” by Alan SilberbergBuy now

Book cover for "The Noel Stranger" shows a snow globe in the foreground with snow falling around a large crystal snowflake. In the background is garland, with Christmas lights, snow falls on the scene. The title is in red, with the author's name in white.


“The Noel Stranger” by Richard Paul EvansBuy now

Vegan Christmas cookbook features a man wearing a sweater, with a dish towel thrown over his shoulder, carving into a dish. On either side of him are guests at his table, appearing to enjoy a holiday meal.


“Vegan Christmas,” by Gaz OakleyBuy now

Book cover for "Winter in Paradise" by Elin Hilderbrand snows a tanned woman in a red halter one-piece swim suit and straw sitting cross legged on the beach, looking out toward the ocean.


“Winter in Paradise,” by Elin HilderbrandBuy now

"Alaskan Holiday " book cover, shows a cozy cabin with festive lighting, in front of the house sit three husky dugs, cuddled together on a blanket of snow. Snow falls gently around the home and dogs.


“Alaskan Holiday,” by Debbie MacomberBuy now

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