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SWAYY Insulated Hammock Keeps Your Butt Warm


If you have ever slept in a hammock you will already know about cold butt syndrome (CBS) where the wind whistles between the floor and your butt causing your body temperature drop in certain areas. Now one company is hoping to remove this annoying syndrome and has created the SWAYY Insulated Hammock. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the insulated hammock that has been specifically designed to minimise the required gear you need to take outside.

Available from $280 for early bird backers the SWAYY Premus insulated hammock will start shipping in October 2018 and allows you to leave your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad behind while still being able to enjoy all year round outdoor camping. Features include :

– The first is the weight bearing layer, or hammock body, is constructed using a 1.6oz per square yard, 40 Denier, nylon fabric with a 6-way ripstop to increase strength and durability.
– The second is the insulation layer. This layer consists of two layers of Primaloft Silver 3.0oz insulation to keep opulent warmth. Each insulation layer is cut, sewn, darted and pleated in a specific way to create three specific air gaps under your backside that won’t compress.
– The third is the shell layer. This wind breaking layer is made of a .9oz per square yard, 15 Denier, nylon fabric that is designed to be lightweight and breathable enough to prevent moisture build-up.
– The fourth and final piece is the full-length zipper. When zipped up, this allows for total warmth for the chilly nice. When unzipped, this allows for a steady warmth under your bum but keeps it cool enough for summer camping. The zipper is a #8 zipper that is strong, durable, and lightweight.

For more information and all available pledges jump over to Kickstarter via the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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