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PureShape Apple Magic Mouse Mousepad


Apple Magic Mouse users experiencing issues when using their Apple mouse on the desk or work surfaces, may be interested in a new mouse pad which is being created specifically for the Apple Magic Mouse by Moonimal based in Warsaw, Poland. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about how the PureShape mouse pad can help “enhance your productivity” while using the Apple Magic Mouse.

The mouse pad has been designed to provide five times lower friction when compared to using the mouse directly onto a worktop or desk. PureShape also removes all the scratching noises but sometimes can annoy when using the Apple mouse on your desk. Together with offering three times better precision say the creators of the PureShape mouse pad enhancing your productivity and workflow.

PureShape is constructed from a laser-cut steel sheet coated with nano-ceramic conversion layer, which has been finished using the “sputtering method”. Providing a finish that offers resistance to abrasion and UV radiation. More information jump over to the Kickstarter campaign page which is now excepting pledges from $29 for super early bird backers. With worldwide shipping expected to take place during August 2018.

Source: Kickstarter

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