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New Amazon Echo 2018 Sky Battery Base Unveiled By Ninety7


Owners of the latest Amazon Echo 2018 home personal assistant, who would like to make it more portable. May be interested in a new battery specifically designed for the Echo 2 which takes the form of the Sky battery base. Price that $50 the new Echo battery base is now available to preorder with shipping expected take place during early June 2018.

The design builds on the company’s previous battery pack offerings and includes a carrying handle, making your Echo look a little like a large mug. Sky’s powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. And using the 4 LED lights on the front of SKY owners can quickly register how much battery life is remaining. “SKY seamlessly integrates with Echo 2, allowing you to unplug and take Alexa anywhere within WIFI range, cord-free.”

“Simply remove original Echo 2 sleeve and slip the device into SKY’s battery sleeve. SKY’s convenient, comfortable handle was designed for easy carry, so you’ll always have Alexa and great audio at your fingertips.” For more details and to preorder your very own jump over to the official Ninety7 website where Sky is now available to preorder price of $49.95 And is compatible with Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) devices.

Source: Ninety7

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