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MONKII Pocket Gym


If you are searching for a versatile piece of exercise equipment that is both portable and compact you may be interested in the latest generation MONKII pocket gym, marketed as the “world’s most portable fitness device”. Designed for travellers and those not able to make it to a gymnasium, the MONKII provides a variety of different workouts and is quick to set up.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the MONKII pocket gym which is this week taken to Kickstarter and already raised over $450,000 thanks to over 3500 backers with still 50 days remaining on its Kickstarter campaign. “POCKET MONKII is the world’s most portable fitness device – you can do the same exercises from gym, except now you can do them anywhere. Which means you’ll spend less time in crowded gyms and have more time to do what you love.”

For more information to make a pledge to own your very own pocket gym jump over to Kickstarter where MONKII is now available to back with super early bird pledges available from $99 or £73. If all goes well worldwide delivery is expected to take place during November 2018. “We have successfully delivered two Kickstarter campaigns (including our most recent campaign with over a million dollars raised and nearly 6,000 backers), and are excited to make this our 3rd successful campaign. Of course, there are still risks associated with backing any Kickstarter project – be sure to read through Kickstarter’s knowledge base to fully understand what the platform is. That being said, we feel confident that we have the experience to make this campaign a wild success.”

Source: Kickstarter

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