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MagHive Modular Smart Reminder System


Pitaka has developed a new modular smart reminder system called the MagHive which has evolved from the company’s MagBar an add-on accessory for its smart wallet. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the MagHive Smart reminder system which is fitted with an integrated display module and can be built to serve your exact requirements using different modules.

– The Display Module: This module has a 5-inch, high-resolution screen, which manages all your reminders, including text or voice messages, to-do-lists or Google Calendars and will notify you whenever you leave or return home.
– The Magnetic QI module: This module is designed to provide any compatible device with wireless charging facilities. You can attach any QI supported device here, and the wireless charging will start immediately.
– The Magnetic NFC module: This module is a magnetic docking pad with a built-in NFC reader. It can hold any metallic or magnetic essentials you have, such as keys etc. The preset reminders pop up on the screen if the item with a correct tag is placed on the module (when returning home) or removed from the module (when leaving home).

MagHiveIs now available to back via Kickstarter and has already raised its required pledge goal with still 59 days remaining on its campaign. Earlybird pledges are available from £160 or CAD$279 for the MagHive Lite kit which includes a display module and magnetic NFC module. If all goes well worldwide shipping is expected to take place during September 2018. “MagHive is a powerful platform that reminds you of everything you need whenever you leave your house or return home. It is time to say goodbye to those simple mistakes that can ruin your day because you forget something in a rush, any time, any day.”

Source: Kickstarter

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