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Google Is Testing Ads In Google Feed


A lot of Google’s products and services are free to use, so one of the ways that the company makes its money is through its ads. These ads appear all over the place. You’ve seen them in search results, inside of Gmail, in YouTube, etc. Now it looks like those ads are starting to show up on Google Feed too.

Many users have been spotting ads inside of Google feed, like the one in the screenshot here, which was posted onto Google+ by user Yifat Cohen. Not everyone is seeing these ads, so it may be that this a test and sure enough, Google has confirmed as much.

In a recent statement, “We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our advertisers and users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now.” Many users are unhappy with ads being loaded onto Google Feed, especially since for some users, especially on Android, its placement is so prominent that it feels like an intrusion.

It does seem like a prime location for ads to be displayed. We don’t know yet if Google plans to keep the ads there. Time will tell. We will let you know when we learn more.

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