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Global Ruler Modular Laser Cut Precision Measuring Instrument


Designers, engineers and makers looking for a versatile modular multifunctional measuring instrument may be interested in a new design created by Vasileios Vasilakakis located in Greece. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Global ruler which takes the form of a wooden laser cut and engraved multi-ruler that allows you to measure curve services, drawer angles, circles, measure in both centimetres and inches and more.

The measuring system is now available to back via Kickstarter with pledges available from €25 for early bird backers. “Global Ruler is a laser cut and engraved wooden multi-tool that allows you to measure distances in both metric and imperial system, draw easily circles, measure and draw angles. It also has a rolling part that allows you to measure straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point up to 25 cm or 10 inches in each rotation. “

Worldwide shipping is expected to take place during August 2018. It’s creator explains more about the construction and finish of the measuring system. “Global Ruler is made by strong 3mm Finnish birch plywood. It includes 5 additional rolling parts and the necessary hardware accessories so that you can choose the portable rolling ruler of your choice in 4 or 6 inches or in 10 or 5 cm. The 4 inch or 10 cm rolling rulers are almost coin-sized and can be easily carried on your key ring or kept in your pocket.  The larger versions are designed for non-portable use and you can choose if you would like to connect it to the main part or use it separately.”

For more information and to make a pledge jump over to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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