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Combian 64, Raspberry Pi Converted Commodore 64 Retro PC


Raspberry Pi enthusiasts searching for a unique case and keyboard to use with their Raspberry Pi mini PC may be interested in a retro computer conversion which has used an iconic Commodore 64 computer. Mattsoft, has detailed the Commodore 64 to Raspberry Pi conversion over on the Amigalove website which is available via the link below and explains :

“So the objective here was to take a C64 breadbin case and keyboard and put a Raspberry Pi 3 into it; keeping the keyboard and joystick ports working, but also giving me HDMI, USB controller support, and modem emulation. While I still have 2 real Commodore 64s (and an Ultimate64 on the way!), I like using the RPi and Vice to play 64 games. These mounts do not require you to drill or cut your C64 case! The 3D files are provisioned under the creative commons license so they are FREE to use, distribute, modify, or even sell. “

By combining the Raspberry Pi mini PC with a Keyrah V2 to connect the C64 keyboard and a PowerBlock to provide power to the components, the finished result is an updated C 64 that can use keyboard joysticks and other peripherals but is also fitted with a HDMI port, USB and other modern features. For more details on the full project and everything you need to convert one for your very own use jump over to the Amiga Love website by following the link below.

Source: Amiga Love : Hackaday

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