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Bourge Design Venus Wireless Charger Available To Preorder For $90


Bourge Design Venus Wireless Charger

iPhone and Qi compatible smartphone owners searching for an aluminium wireless charger might be interested in a new design unveiled by the team over at Bourge Design. Who have created the Venus, a wireless charger inspired by the “illustrious lines of world-class nautical vessels”. Venus is now available to preorder priced at $90 offering a $10 saving off, the after launch price of $100.

The design of Venus includes seamless curved aluminium edges that sweep to a point, representing the shape of a ship’s hull. Finished with a precision cut glass pad that is elevated and angled to provide what Bourge Design call the “optimal view” allowing you to see your smartphone screen as charging commences. The wireless charger also includes a handy USB 3.0 and a USB-C connections on the front.

Bourge Design have also carefully considered having more than one wireless charger in close proximity and as you can see in the image below have designed the wireless chargers to perfectly fit together, thanks to a hidden magnetic connection. To create another sculpted shape allowing two devices to be charged next to each other simultaneously. For more information on these uniquely designed wireless charger jump over to the official Bourge Design website by following the link below.

Bourge Design Venus Wireless Charger

Source: Bourge Design

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