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Beam Router Encrypts Your Data For Privacy And Security


Beam Router Encrypts Your Data

Anyone concerned about the information sent out and received through their home or business router may be interested in a new piece of kit designed by Passel called the Beam. Designed to be the world’s most advanced router the Beam encrypts all your information removing the ability for services to be able to track you and your Internet provider to see what you’re doing. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the advanced encryption technology included in the Beam which is now available to back via Indiegogo with early bird pledges available from $199.

Unlike other routers, Beam encrypts all your data so your web activity It’s completely private, as well as being able to access geo-restricted content without any software running on your computer. “It protects all the devices in your home from threats online and keeps your physical location hidden so you can access any part of the internet, from anywhere in the world. Beam comes with a subscription to our Forcefield VPN software so you can stay protected on all your devices while away from home.”

Beam Router Encrypts Your Data

The development team behind the Beam advanced router explain more about its inspiration and design. “Beam was designed for anyone with an online presence. More information about our lives is being collected than any other time in history. From getting hacked to the misuse and selling of private information, it can seem almost impossible to keep our data safe, but with Beam you don’t have to give up your information at all.  Our goal was to make a product that anyone can use, not just the tech savvy. With Beam, the install is easy and the app allows you to stay in charge of your home network and configure Beam in the way that works best for you. You can choose a VPN location, create a new network for guests, time out a device or prioritise bandwidth.”

To be one of the first to own Beam, view all available pledges and full specifications jump over to the official Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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