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Apple To Launch Cross Platform App Support In 2019


We previously heard a rumor that Apple would be bringing cross platform app support to iOS and macOS this year, now according to a recent report, this will not happen until 2019.

We previously heard that Apple are leaving some features out of iOS 12 tom focus on quality, these features will be added into the OS in 2019. One of the features was cross platform app support for developers.

Developers would be able to design a single app that would work on both Appl’s iOS platform with a touchscreen and on Apple’s macOS platform with a mouse. At the moment developers have to created two different applications.

This new feature will apparently debut in 2019, so we will probably not hear many details about it at Apple’s WWDC 2018 in June. It will be interesting to see what new features Apple is beinging to their devices with iOS 12 and macOS 14.

Source Daring Fireball, MacRumors

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